Currently at UK there are two different opportunities for students to get credit and maintain their “full time” status while participating the RWL Program. One option is to receive 12 credit hours of: EXP 396-Experimental Education (6 Credits), CLD 395-Special Problems in Community Leadership Development (3 Credits) and CLD 399- Experimental Learning in Community Leadership Development (3 Credits). Going this route will require the student to pay for a full semester. The second option is to receive 1 credit hour of: EXP 397, which will still allow a student to maintain full time status. This option requires that a student only pay for one credit, roughly $350.


The total cost of the six-month 2011 RWL Program, including full-time tuition for 12 credit hours, was $17,431.93. Income was $10,100.00, made up of $4,200 in work site income and $5,900 in scholarship funds. The big ticket cost item was NYC housing of $6,193.00. Overall, the cost was not that much more expensive than an all-inclusive semester of college. Based on this, a rough estimate of an initial target endowment for 4 to 8 students per year with appropriate faculty, research and administrative oversight would be about $500,000 to $1,000,000.


To select the proper student for the RWL Program an application process would be needed, with personal interviews being suggested. A small committee would also need tobe formed for review and oversight. A suggested committee would include: sponsoring professor position; past participant; one to two leaders involved with RWL worksites; College of Agriculture representative; Community Leadership Development representative; and Office of Development representative. Professor Garkovich was the faculty sponsor from the Community Leadership Development major and was instrumental in the success of the RWL Program pilot.

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The Real World Leaders - Real World Students Program is a leadership program created in partnership with the University of Kentucky that enables students to work at different work sites across America and observe a wide variety of leadership skills, traits and characteristics.

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