A few interested leaders would like to see the RWL Program developed into a prestigious undergraduate program that is unique to UK and that would positively impact students by providing an enriched learning experience.

The RWL Program could also serve as a marketing showcase for UK, the RWL company sponsors, and alumni. UK could further its recruitment of future students into the Community Leadership Development major and serve as a catalyst for “development” with alumni and other individuals that desire to assist the university’s educational goals. Company sponsors could benefit by using the RWL Program as a recruitment and marketing tool.

If properly funded, the RWL Program could take a limited number of students per year and dramatically impact the way they learn, view leadership, and further develop personal skills. The RWL Program would expose the selected students to diversity and a variety of “real world” challenges in a way that studying in a classroom environment simply cannot match.

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About the Program

The Real World Leaders - Real World Students Program is a leadership program created in partnership with the University of Kentucky that enables students to work at different work sites across America and observe a wide variety of leadership skills, traits and characteristics.

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