The Power of Nice Summary

The Power of Nice – By: Ronald Shapiro and written in 2001

In this eye-opening book, a true master shares his secrets and strategies for successful negotiation. Ron Shapiro is a corporate lawyer, successful businessman and, in what is almost a contradiction in terms, one of today’s most respected sports agents. Along with his business partner Mark Jankowski, a lawyer, teacher and negotiations expert, they reveal how anyone who sits down to make a deal can get more of what they want and still create the opportunity for future success.

Whether you are negotiating with a customer, setting a curfew with a teenager, or getting the last seat on an over-sold airplane, this invaluable guide will help you embrace a systematic process to Negotiation known simply as “The Power of Nice.” Through a combination of anecdotes, exercises, and time-tested approaches, you will learn to cultivate lasting relationships and immediately turn yourself into a better negotiator.
“For the first time the elusive elements of the ‘art of negotiation’ are broken down and explained in a concise, practical, and lively manner. Ron and Mark have turned the ‘art of negotiation’ into the ‘science of negotiation.’” – Randy Levine, President, New York Yankees

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