Leadership from The Power of Nice and Comparisons to Real World

Leadership Examples from The Power of Nice

  • Listening Ability
  • Expand Goals
  • Relationships

Leadership Examples Observed in the RWL Program– Comparison to The Power of Nice

Listening Ability-Expanding Goals-Relationships

In Shapiro’s book, The Power of Nice there are three characteristics mentioned throughout the book: listening, expanding goals and relationships. Dr. Jay Perman, President of University of Maryland Baltimore, suggested The Power of Nice to read, and the odd thing about it was that he lived it. If there was anyone who could be personified by a book, Dr. Perman would be it with The Power of Nice. The concept behind The Power of Nice is being able to successfully negotiate, and to do it nicely where it can benefit all parties involved. Dr. Perman arguably had the most challenging job of any I witnessed in the RWL Program, being a president of a University, and he made it look the easiest.Whenever Dr. Perman met with anyone, a student, a faculty member or another President, they were given the upmost respect by Dr. Perman as he exhibited the concept of listening with energy. Through his active listening it was possible for Dr. Perman to build and maintain relationships, Dr. Perman had the wonderful ability to make the speaker feel as if they were the only person that mattered to Dr. Perman at that point in time.

While the concept of “expanding our goals” may seem trivial Shapiro writes that money isn’t always the only goal, there can be intangibles that mean just as much at times. Expanding our goals to incorporate intangibles might appear a waste of time and energy, yet, Dr. Perman excelled at expanding his goals to improving things outside of his campus, city and state.

Is it better to make a deal where you make $15,000 today, while burning a bridge, or make $5,000 a year for the next three years with the option of future deals? Burning bridges in deal making can be very easy to do, and even more challenging to undo. Dr. Perman focused on building strong relationships with other presidents and deans, where there were long-term benefits, as opposed to winning a larger victory today without a chance for more deals in the future. Dr. Perman has a gift with regards to negotiating, he understands what his goals are and knows what the other person’s goals are. It is his vision that allows the goals to coexist, work together and become beneficial to one another.

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