Leadership from the Holy Bible and Comparison to Real World

Leadership Examples from the Holy Bible

  • Using the People Available
  • Empowerment
  • Be knowledgeable
  • Visionary
  • Teacher
  • Teach with authority
  • Servant Leadership

Leadership Examples Observed in the RWL Program– Comparison to the Bible

Using the People Available

Comparing worksite to worksite there was one characteristic that was common throughout most with the exception of the month at Long John Silver’s. Most worksites were able to recruit top talent, Walsh needs scientists and engineers; Geneva needs analytical prowess; University of Maryland was looking for the best candidates for doctors, lawyers and pharmacists; Applied Information and UNITE had very specific work requirements including devotion and passion, and Gowan needs high quality salesmen and sharp scientists. Long John Silver’s does not have the luxury or ability to recruit employees with degrees from premier educational institutions, or in most cases, even, with a secondary education. Long John Silver’s takes the employees who are willing to work for them.

It is written in the New Testament that Jesus took men from all professions to be his disciples, some were well educated and many were not, some were fishermen and others tax collectors. Jesus, took the people available and led them, taught them and cared for them, although many people at the time would classify some of his followers as “undesirable” (sinners, tax collectors and women). Jesus, took his motley crew and touched thousands. After Jesus’s death it was his “motley crew” of people who were not necessarily the cream of the crop who changed the world by writing the New Testament and spreading a new religion, Christianity, which now touches billions.

Jesus took people who many employers would not give a chance, and with the chance he gave them, the people proved themselves. At Long John Silver’s, there were employees that other employers wouldn’t give a chance, and in some cases they proved themselves. There is one person who stands out at one of the stores as being one of their best employees, this person works hard, accomplishes whatever they are told to do and get along great with the customers. Most people would never guess that nearly every other employer would turn down this person, if they went out and applied for a job, because this person is illiterate.

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