Advice Given from Leaders Encountered in RWL Program

Throughout this process, the people I worked with provided me with their views on leaders and leadership. Throughout my internships I carried a notebook at all times so I could capture thoughts and impressions. This allowed me to remember specific comments and ideas. This is how I have developed this list of memorable comments on leaders and leadership.

  • “You need to shoot straight with your employees when they make a mistake. It is like raising a child, everyone makes mistakes and if you don’t correct them early on they can develop into bad habits.”
  • “Leaders take conflict straight on.” “Stick to your goals.”
  • “If you can learn to excite other leaders and then harness their passion you can change the world.”
  • “Other leaders hate to be out of the loop. If you don’t say something early on and explain what is going on they will reflexively say ‘no’.”
  • “Leadership is being responsible for other people.”
  • “Learn to impact others who will in turn make an impact upon even more people.”
  • “Our world craves leadership.”
  • “Surround yourself with great people, then turn them loose. They will do great things on their own. I’ll just be getting in the way if I try and micromanage.”
  • “Leaders are passionate and make a difference in other people’s lives.” “Leaders showcase honesty, integrity and fairness.”
  • “Leaders need to be able to navigate the political waters of whatever job they are in cheerfully and with a great sense of humor.”
  • “Leaders think one level above their own in their organization.”
  • “Lead by example.”
  • “The ability to get everyone on the team to perform to the best of their ability.” “Leadership is based upon knowledge and fairness.”
  • “Discipline. Determination. Dedication. Passion. Constant vigilance. Those together make a leader.”
  • “Leaders laugh (even at themselves), do the right thing, listen with energy, bring out the best in the individuals working together as a team, give praise and take blame.”
  • “A leader should be well balanced and able to talk about something besides work.” “A leader has to take the opportunity at hand to lead.”
  • “If you treat your employees like they are family they will take care of you and your organization.”
  • “Sometimes you need to tell people what the ‘unwritten’ rules are.”
  • “Leaders who do the small things make a big impact.”
  • “People won’t care about your failures if you succeed after.”
  • “As a leader, I want people who want to come to work. In order to do that they need to be happy with their work environment.”
  • “Leaders are the ones who act like they know the most and trick others to do the work for them.”
  • “Getting others to work together to accomplish a task.”

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