Leadership Characteristics Anticipated at Worksites

Before departing for the RWL worksites two tools were developed to help catalog the leadership characteristics I anticipated I would observe. First a rubric was developed with the following skills in mind: Adaptability; Communication Skills; Consistency; Discipline; Humbleness; Innovation; Law of Addition (21 Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell); Loyalty; Passion; Teamwork and Vision. The rubric’s main purpose was to highlight the three most dominant aspects that stood out at each location and then compare these to a piece of literature.

The second tool was a matrix showcasing the difference between individuals who are “Person Oriented” or “Task Oriented”. The idea going into the RWL Project was that the matrix would reveal how person-oriented or task-oriented an individual was during the experience. It was anticipated, for example, that perhaps a receptionist would have a high “Person Oriented” level, but be lower in the “Task Oriented” category.

COMPOSITE SITE ANALYSIS – The diagram below represents observed behavior and leadership characteristics in individuals observed during the RWL Project. The chart below indicates observations obtained from all worksites in one composite presentation. In order to maintain anonymity, individual identifiers have been removed.

INDIVIDUAL SITE ANALYSIS – The diagrams below represent each of the individual RWL/RWS Work Site profiles. In order to maintain anonymity, individual site identifiers have been removed.



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The Real World Leaders - Real World Students Program is a leadership program created in partnership with the University of Kentucky that enables students to work at different work sites across America and observe a wide variety of leadership skills, traits and characteristics.

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