Literature Comparisons

These comparisons are not meant to be “deep”, but hopefully they are insightful.

The books that were selected in advance of the project were: Of Mice and Men, Shakespeare (various works), Socrates (various philosophies and quotes), The Art of War, The Holy Bible, The Odyssey, and The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. While at the worksites various pieces of literature were suggested: Five-Point Play, Power of Nice and Good to Great. Five-Point Play and Power of Nice were added to the books to be used for comparisons and Good to Great was used as a reference tool. Additionally, Animal Farm and The Prince were removed because they did not contribute largely to the assessment as did other literature examples.

Short summaries are provided for the literary works used in this project. The majority of the summaries are either plot reviews from SparkNotes or from the reviews given with the piece of literature. If the review is different it is indicated at the conclusion of the summary. Following the summary is a comparison to the leadership observations experienced during the RWL Program.

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The Real World Leaders - Real World Students Program is a leadership program created in partnership with the University of Kentucky that enables students to work at different work sites across America and observe a wide variety of leadership skills, traits and characteristics.

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